• Climate Action

    Climate Action

    Leading Climate Action Through Geospatial Innovation

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  • Environmental Services

    Environmental Services

    Hand in hand with the environment.

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  • Stonex & Mapcom

    Stonex & Mapcom

    Mapcom is an authorised dealer of Stonex in Iraq.

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  • Topographic & Land Survey Design

    Topographic & Land Survey Design

    We have three experienced and well-trained survey teams consist of all specialties necessary for surveying and designing.

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    Our GIS team having a many years of experience and qualified, participated in ESRI training courses and have international certifications.

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Key Services

We provide the following key services and a number of products.

Climate Action

MapCom: Leading Climate Action Through Geospatial Innovation

MapCom is dedicated to driving environmental change through advanced mapping and information management technology. Our mission is to empower a sustainable future, safeguarding the planet for generations. We envision a world where environmental stewardship enables communities to thrive with nature.

Our key objectives include mitigating environmental impact, fostering sustainable practices, and strengthening community resilience through education and capacity building. We leverage GIS and remote sensing technologies for data-driven decision-making.

Our strategic initiatives focus on climate resilience, water management, soil conservation, sustainable agriculture, and ecosystem restoration. We also support afforestation and conduct educational programs to enhance environmental awareness and action.
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MapCom has a strong team of qualified engineers, planners and scientist, of all necessary specialties, equipment, tools and mobile labs, also we have a strong cooperation with local and International University scientists and Laboratories for consultation...
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Survey Department owning modern and advanced survey equipment, also using latest versions of designing software, Surveying (ground control and utility surveys) has been an integral part of MapCom service team since the company was formed in 2006...
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Waste Management

MapCom team has experience in providing waste management services to public and private sectors in the region since 2006. We work in collaboration with International Oil Companies (IOCs) as well as International Environmental Engineering Companies...
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GIS & Mapping

MapCom  is aware of progress client’s ability to make statistic-constructed decisions. With many years’ experience in the GIS field, MapCom is capable of providing standard and up to date applications in both local and international firms in the Kurdistan Regional Of Iraq. Our GIS team having a many...
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MapCom Company owns a Laboratory equipped with high quality precise and modern devices, all are from most internationally known brands which all are certified that their results are accurate, our lab equipment are periodically maintained and calibrated, also MapCom owns weather stations...
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We are authorised STONEX seller in Iraq brining high quality equipment and services to the market in Iraq. We pride ourserlves on our excellent communicaiton skills, professionalisim, and customer care.
With our products you will be in safe hands as we provide regular services and maintenance ...
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Our Expert Team

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Hewa Arif

Abdulmajeed A. Hussain

About us

Completed Projects

Environmental Study
Topographic Survey
GIS Projects

Our clients

The following are some of our clients that we have worked with.
Kurdistan Regional Government
Exon Mobil
Genel Energy
Gulf Keystone Petroleum
Gas+ Khalakan
Maraton Oil Corp
Komet Group SA
Talisman Energy
Oil Search
Korea Nantional Oil Corp


R2-186 Atconz, Bahirka Road, Erbil, Iraq.

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